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Self-quarantine demands a lot of organization, patience, and self-awareness. Isolation can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health. A routine is essential if you want to create a balance between activities so that you can ensure that you are always alert.

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Exams are an unavoidable part of a student`s life. Preparing for an examination can be time-consuming and stressful. However, if you do some simple things before your exam time, you will be ready and confident to face anything that the exam throws at you. The tips and skills in this article will help you to get through your examinations. Besides, they will help you when preparing for presentations and other in-class assignments. Here are 10 tips to prepare for exams. 1. Give yourself enough study time Last-minute cramming is not a good way of approaching an exam. Get a good...

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Christmas break is just around the corner and it can be hard to keep focus of what is important in terms of academic achievement over the holidays. Most of us are looking forward to a break from studies and spending time with family and friends, but here are some tips to keep you focused so you can return to school with a fresh mindset while also enjoying the holiday season! Don't procrastinate! I am sure you have heard to a million times, but when assigned projects are given before the break it is a good time to get a head...

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