Be Kind to Yourself and Unwind

Be Kind to Yourself and Unwind

Find you balance

Sometimes it is always hard to get away from work or studies and even when you are lucky to get some time off, you might being tempted to bring work along. There are various ways to take time off from working hard, either at work or from school. They range from the complex to the simple ways that most people overlook or cannot imagine. All these methods will help you worker smarter as opposed to harder as most people do.

Below are some ways on how to take time away from hard work.

Take naps and siestas

Naps and siestas will improve your cognitive functionality, memory performance and also your creative thinking levels. A short nap will also boost your learning process by aiding you in increasing the absorption, comprehension, synthesis, and retention level of information while at school.

Nature walk

Spending time with nature is very significant in resetting the span of your attention and also relaxing your mind after long hour shifts or learning. Nature is peaceful and will allow your brain ample time to fully relax and even unwind making you concentrate more when you get back to your normal routine.

Have frequent break

Taking more breaks is good way to spend time from work as it will allow you to have a balanced self-renewal program physically, socially, mentally and spiritually. In turn, you will be safe from a job burn-out. You can try taking a 15 minute break after every 90 minutes of serious work to allow your brain to reset and increase your concentration span.

Identify and engage in your hobbies

Hobbies are the vital ingredient to relaxing your mind and opening your creativity flood gates. If you are a dedicated reader, take some time to do just that to get relaxed. Engaging in your hobbies will allow you to think critically over issues in your life. This will in turn help to reduce the stress at work.

Taking a vacation

Vacations are the best time to get your head straight and get away from the stressful environment of work and schooling. You get ample time with friends and family and even engage in the activities you like. Juggling between being there for the family and going to work can be very difficult and at times might cause stress to some people if they are in very demanding jobs. This is why vacations are the best option for such people.

The benefits of taking time off

There are several benefits associated with taking some time off from hard work or studies. They include:

  • Rejuvenation and reconnection

Coming back to work or study after taking some time off makes you feel relaxed, rested and also helps you to reconnect with your personal life. You will hence come back to work feeling better and highly motivated.

  • Restoration of body and mind

Summer vacations that workers or fulltime students take help to restore the body and mind and do away with fatigue and exhaustion that might have come with the daily work or school routine. It is only when you are free and safe from external pressure and stresses that the body can relax enough to activate restoration of the mind.

  • For future ease in relaxation

Research has proved that if you do not take enough time to relax you might have future problems in relaxing since the neural connections that create feelings of peacefulness and calmness may likely become weaker.

  • Quality Family time

Taking time off from work and academic stuff allows you to reconnect with your family and appreciate the institution better. You will get to spend ample time together which is very important for bonding when it comes to parents and their children.

  • Personal development

Taking time off from work will allow you to have an insight of your life and also help you set your goals and get your priorities right. Hence when you go back to school or work you will be more focused.

  • Higher productivity

The best way to get more work done is to spend more time doing less work. Daytime workouts, breaks, afternoon siestas, longer sleeping hours and longer vacations will likely boost your productivity, performance at work and even health. Spending little time in sleep mostly less than six hours is the most common reason for on the job burn- out. This can take a substantial toll on your performance and the productivity of the company in general.

In conclusion, whatever techniques you choose to use just remember, you are the most important thing in your life. Adjust your lifestyle accordingly to what makes you happy and find that balance.